Build rich and interactive web apps.
Easy and quick. No JavaScript.

Sircl leverages your preferred server-side technology by allowing you to develop websites and web apps with the server-side technology of your choice while enabling fast, rich and interactive user experiences in multi-page or single-page applications without the need for a JavaScript framework or JavaScript coding.

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Easy to learn

Sircl is easy to learn because you do not need to learn a new language or a new framework. And it does not require you to code. Sircl extends HTML with easy to remember classes and attributes.



Sircl requires no imperative JavaScript coding. It consists entirely of HTML additions in the form of classes and attributes and allows you to describe behavior in a declarative way.



Sircl allows you to create highly interactive websites and applications using actions related to scroll, click, hover, drag&drop, etc. events.



Sircl makes it easy to use dynamic loading, Ajax forms, dialogs and Bootstrap modals to build rich applications in HTML.



Sircl leverages your preferred server-side technology and works with PHP, NodeJS, ASP.NET, JSP/Servlets,... Even static websites can benefit from Sircl.



Sircl is written with extensibility in mind. It is a library of HTML attributes and classes to which you can easily add your own extensions.


Dynamic loading with Ajax

See the Pen Sircl Sample Ajax by codetuner (@codetuner-the-lessful) on CodePen.

This page contains two hyperlinks with a href and target attribute. The target attribute contains a CSS selector that points to a location in the document. Sircl will translate the hyperlink into an Ajax call and embed the response in the target element.

Interactive behaviors

See the Pen by codetuner (@codetuner-the-lessful) on CodePen.

The button toggles the active class on the item using the onclick-toggleclass attribute.