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Get Started

Ready to start using Sircl. Which libraries do you need. Where to find them and how to install them. Including starter templates for plain HTML or Bootstrap.

Partial Loading

The capability to load, reload, update part of a web page is key to Sircl. It allows updating the users view by letting the server do the rendering without triggering a full page load. This section explains the different ways to use partial loading with Sircl.

Relative CSS Selectors

CSS selectors are frequently used with Sircl, to refer to a target of page part requests, to name the object of Event-Actions, etc. Sircl extends the syntax of CSS selectors with the capability to refer to elements relatively to the current element.


Forms are crucial in web site and applications to allow the user to communicate with the server. Sircl includes features that make developing forms easier and provides a better interaction with the user.

Keyboard events

Handling keyboard events can enhance the user experience of your application. Think of shortcuts for menu items, F1 for help, arrow keys for data navigation...


The HTML dialog element offers support for dialogs and subwindows, and allows making richer websites and web applications. While HTML dialogs are meant to be controlled by Javascript, Sircl offers Javascript-less alternatives to most common dialog operations.


Event-Actions and Action-Events allow adding behavior in reaction to events without the need for writing client-side (Javascript) code, or perform post-backs to the server. They help making websites and applications more interactive.


Change-actions allow for a direct interaction with the server. They provide an alternative to forms, to send data to the server, without the need for an explicit submit action.

Multi-Page mode

Multi-Page mode is the default mode of Sircl, and of the browser. Navigating to a new page is done by the browser, which also keeps track of the history stack. Sircl Ajax requests are used to update parts of the page.

Single Page mode

In Single Page mode, Sircl supports Single Page Applications (SPA's). The application still relies on server-side rendering, but renders in a single page. The browser is not required to perform full page loads. Deep linking and back and forth browser navigation remain supported.

Drag & Drop

Rich user interfaces can benefit from supporting drag & drop behavior. Think of a calendar where the user can drag an appointment to a different date, or a lane-based project management tool where users can drag their task from the ToDo lane to the Done lane. Sircl provides support for drag & drop by linking drop operations to move or copy page elements, to call server actions, or to upload files.


Miscellaneous features offered by Sircl to support various Web APIs.


Sircl supports controlling media (audio and video) in your webpage, including connecting to your devices (camera's), taking pictures and scanning barcodes (if supported by your browser).

Bootstrap support

Bootstrap is a popular open source front-end toolkit. The Sircl Bootstrap extension complements Bootstrap by adding Javascript-less support for common usages of some more complex controls as tab pages, modals, offcanvasses and toasts.

Toastr support

Via its integration with the toastr component, Sircl provides an easy wat to show non-blocking notifications also known as toasts.

SortableJS support

The Sircl extended library provides basic support for drag & drop. This support is insufficient to easily maintain a sorted list. The Sircl extension for Sortable makes it easy to integrate Sortable and provide sorting functionality through drag & drop.

QRious support

QRious is a Javascript library to generate QR-codes. The Sircl integration makes it very easy to define QR-codes in your pages.

Font Awesome support

Sircl can be configured to use a Font Awesome spinner element by including the sircl-fa library.

Error Handling

Error handling is an important part in application development. Sircl provides extension points to add your own logic to handle errors with Javascript.


Sircl is build as a library, with extensibility in mind. This section describes the various ways you can extend and alter Sircls behavior.

Version History

History of the Sircl releases.