Version History

History of the Sircl releases.


  • Core: preserve focus on content update.
  • Core: added "after" content ready handling phase.
  • Core: enhanced changed form state handling.
  • Core: added onchange-ignore to ignore changes to form state.
  • Core: fixed scroll to top on main target navigation.
  • Bootstrap 5: fix onchange-backdropstatic for onchange-ignore triggers.


  • Core: Apps mode: addes sicl-appmode="strict" to distinct handling of missing appid cases.
  • Core: detect and automatically re-issue full page responses. Added console warning when requests are automatically re-issued.
  • Core: onchechek-uncheck and onunchecked-check changed to not act on themselves.
  • Bootstrap5: fix onchange-backdropstatic for content processing phase.
  • Sortable: on sort submit, enable the onsort-set~ fields if they were disabled.


  • NEW: Apps support (revised single-page mode).
  • NEW: Vue support (render json data using Vue).
  • Core: on partial requests if target has Id, pass the id throught the X-Sircl-Target request header.
  • Extended: added onanimation~ Event-Actions.
  • Extended: on drag&drop, also substitute "%7Bdrop-value%7D" besides "{drop-value}".
  • Bootstrap5: added onchange-backdropstatic.


  • Core: Relative CSS selectors now also support ":nth(1)".
  • Core: promoted hash-routed from Bootstrap to core.
  • Extended: added hide-ifallchecked and hide-ifanychecked.
  • Extended: fixed: added check for ondrop-accept on drop.
  • Extended: added feature detection for clipboard and sharing.


  • Media: added [onplaymedia-check].
  • Media: fixed camera selection.
  • Media: source can be any facingMode.
  • Media: fixed default picture format and barcode navigation.
  • Extended: onfocus-select and onfocusout-trim now exluding oninput-change[after] fields.


  • Core: reordered history handling.
  • All: reviewed for deprecated code.
  • NEW Media: added support for VIDEO, AUDIO and barcode scanning.
  • NEW QRious: added support for generating QR-codes using QRious library.


  • Core: fixed full page reload in response to POST requests.
  • Core: hiding/showing with animation gracely falls back on jQuery slim edition.
  • Extended: added support for Escape key capturing inside input controls.
  • Extended: onfocus-select fixed for autofill.
  • Toastr: added onclick-showtoastr as attribute and class (for click event chaining).


  • NEW: Support for templates.
  • Core: added onclick-setchanged.
  • Core: fixed callback on set visible when matchcount 0 or more than 1.
  • Extended: added onclick-appendto, onclick-prependto and onclick-replaceto (for templates).


  • Core: fixed form change management when form is target and root of response.
  • Core: onkeyenter-click ignored when Enter pressed on a button.
  • Extended: clipboard and share triggers now can have spinners shown for 0.25 sec.
  • Font-Awesome: reviewed compatibility version 4, 5, 6.


  • Core: added onload-submit to submit a form as soon as it is loaded.
  • Core & Extended: show & hide actions of elements having the animate class will now be animated.
  • Extended: onfocus-select and onfocusout-trim can now be placed on parent elements of inputs (i.e. on the FORM or BODY element).
  • Bootstrap 3/4/5: fixed hash-routed tabs on initial page load.


  • Core: onback-allowclose now also works with history:back-uncached links.
  • Core: added X-Sircl-History-AllowClose header to allow close of window on back or back-uncached.
  • Core: fixed diffcheck error when no finalTarget.
  • Core: for extensibility: store all request headers on "req"[uest] object, including of previous requests in the same redirection session.
  • Bootstrap 3/4/5: handle dispose errors of tooltips and popovers.
  • Toastr: now also renders toastrs of previous requests in same redirection session.


  • Core: added onsubmit-confirm attribute.
  • Core: added onback-allowclose attribute/class.
  • Core: promoted onclick-confirm from Extended to Core.
  • Core: fixed full page reload via X-Sircl-History header.
  • Core: renamed "refresh" into "reload" for the X-Sircl-History header and for the "history:reload" URL target ("refresh" still available for backward compatibility).
  • Core: favor native "submitter" event property over "_formTrigger" property.
  • Extended: added onload-scrollintoview class.


  • Core: support for multiple sub-targets.
  • Core: fixed history attribute's default to be push (even with caching).
  • Extended: added clipboard support.
  • Extended: added onload-setvalue.


  • Core: fixed spinner element must be immediate child of trigger.


  • Core: added diffcheck class to update dynamically loaded content only if different.
  • Bootstrap 3/4/5: fixed links to tabs not triggered when same URL.


  • Extended: reviewed file drag & drop.
  • Extended: added onchange-hide.


  • Extended: added event-actions onclick-alert, onchecked-uncheck, onchecked-check, onunchecked-uncheck, onunchecked-check.


  • Core: avoid page reload when scrolling to in-page location.
  • Extended: enhanced ondrop-move and ondrop-copy behaviour.
  • Extended: fixed show-ifanychecked support.


  • Core: added X-Sircl-Form-Changed response header support.



  • Core: added support for .onnavigate class.
  • Core css: disabled hyperlink shows default cursor.


  • Bootstrap 4/5: rebuild minified version.


  • Core: [onload-load] now also supports field substitution.
  • Core: enhanced debugging experience by naming otherwise anonymous functions.
  • Bootstrap 3/4/5: fixed hash-routed tabs not being initialized by [ifactivetab-load] attribute.
  • Sortable: added preview support for SortableJS library.


  • Core: added onclick-submit
  • Core: enabling/disabling of hyperlinks using .disabled class.
  • Core: onkeyenter-click ignored on TEXTAREAs.
  • Core: fixed form submission from scripts.
  • Core: fixed chainging jQuery html() functions.
  • Core: fixed jQuery load() function overloads and chaining.
  • Extended: enabling/disabling of hyperlinks using .disabled class.
  • Extended: ifvalid-*/ifinvalid-* now also reacting on input and invalid events.
  • Bootstrap 3: added support for Bootstrap 3.


  • Core: added .onclick-disable to disable hyperlinks and submit buttons during a page part request.
  • Core: added "prepend" target method.
  • Core: when target method is "replace" and new content has no id but is single element, copy id from original element.
  • Core: dialogs now close when triggering a request with target outside the dialog.
  • Extended: added [onclick-remove] and [ondblclick-remove].
  • Extended: added [onclick-copyto].
  • Bootstrap 4/5: fixed closing the modal when triggering a request with target outside the modal.


  • Support for target methods (formerly known as render modes):
    • Core: added [target-method] attribute supported on trigger or on target.
    • Core: added X-Sircl-Target-Method response header;
      replaces X-Sircl-Render-Mode now declared deprecated.
    • Core: "append" and "replace" target methods now correctly apply afterLoad on new elements only.
    • Extended: updated to handle target method.
  • Core: click actions now operate on all matches (not only the first).
  • Extended: click actions now operate on all matches (not only the first).
  • Extended: drag&drop submits can now include drop-value as "{drop-value}" in submit action URL.


  • Core: fixed submission with [formaction] and no inline target.
  • Core: added [onkeyenter-click] and [onkeyescape-click];
    [default-submit-button] and [default-cancel-button] declared deprecated.
  • Core: enhanced field substitution to support multiple homonym fields (i.e. radio button inputs).
  • Core: field substitutions are now always URI encoded.
  • Core: added .noreload class to disable reloads of [onload-load] elements.
  • Core: added experimental rendermode "replace".
  • Extended: [onclick-clear] and [ondblclick-clear] do not trigger content/enrich/process content ready handlers anymore.
  • ChangeActions: enhanced field substitution to support multiple homonym fields (i.e. radio button inputs).
  • ChangeActions: respects casing of fieldname if named "Value".
  • ChangeActions: field substitutions are now always URI encoded.
  • Bootstrap: added .noreload class to disable [onshowmodal-load] action after first load.


  • Extended: added [onchange-enable] and [onchange-show].
  • Core: enhanced detection of nested overlays.


  • Core: added [onclick-reload] to reload elements with [onload-load] on click.
  • Core: added [onload-copyto].
  • Core: [onload-moveto] and [onload-copyto] can now also be placed on the target element of the load operation.
  • Extended: [onkeydown-click] now supports Alt+ and Ctrl+ key combinations on input elements.
  • Extended: added [ifinview-click].


  • Core: reviewed alert and confirm override functions.
    Also impacted Extended and ChangeActions libraries.
  • Core: reviewed error handling.
  • Debugging: enhanced console output.
  • Extended: added [onkeydown-click] and [onclick-focus].


  • All: code reviewed, named anonymous handler functions.
  • Extended: fixed issue onload of [ifchecked-*] attributes.


  • Extended: Completed addition of [ifchecked-addclass] and [ifchecked-removeclass] (also on part load).


  • Core: reviewed error codes.
  • Core: added support for X-Sircl-Render-Mode response header.
  • Core: allow req.xhr to be null (supporting mocking/caching/... of Ajax requests).
    Also impacted Bootstrap 4/5 and Toaster libraries.
  • Extended: added [ifchecked-addclass] and [ifchecked-removeclass] (as events only).
  • ChangeActions: reviewed error codes.
  • Debugging: added support for [onclick-load].


  • Core: fixed precedence of "," operator vs. "|" operator in relative CSS selectors.
  • Extended: added [onchange-click].
  • Bootstrap 4/5 collapse: added [ifchecked-expand] and [onexpand-set].


  • Core: Promoted [onclick-load] to core library as alternative to [href] while still being a separately stylable attribute.
  • Bootstrap 4/5 modals: fixed [onshowmodal-load] and backdrop issues and added [onload-showmodalafter].
  • Bootstrap 4/5 pills: added [ifactivetab-load].
  • Bootstrap 4/5 collapse: added support for collapse ([ifexpanded-load]).
  • Bootstrap 5 offcanvas: added support for offcanvas.


Sircl 2.x is a complete rewrite of Sircl where also semantics and namings were reviewed. 2.x is more stable, more robust, and above all much better extensible. Sircl 2.x supports Single Page mode.

Sircl 2.x is not backward compatible to 1.x.


Distributables, documentation and source code of 1.x versions can be found on