Sircl is a HTML extension library of features available through custom HTML classes and attributes, aimed to facilitate the building of fast, rich and dynamic applications and websites in multi-page or single-page mode.

Often, single-page applications are build using JavaScript frameworks which require you to develop a client application that will run in the browser and talk to a WebAPI on the server side. Beside de programming skills required to develop the server-side API, a combination of programming and design skills is required for the client application. Client code usually has to fit within the used client framework and cannot easily be ported to another framework.

Sircl is completely different. Sircl embraces a more classical web development approch in which the web server constructs and returns HTML pages and page fragments.

Sircl is not a framework. It does not require you to write/code in a complete different manner, but adds and redefines HTML classes and attributes. On the client, the code is just HTML, with some extra classes and attributes. On the server side, it's just code producing HTML. No need for a WebAPI. No need to support SignalR or Web Sockets. No WebAssembly. Just HTML.

Because Sircl operates entirely on the client and is agnostic of the server, all server technologies are supported. Even static websites can benefit from Sircl.

Sircl offers the following advantages:

  • No need to code towards a new framework. Sircl builds upon the existing skills of your developers.

  • Enhances the separation of concerns between (server-side software) developers and (client side) designers.
    Designers can provide production-ready HTML code.

  • It is easy to learn as it builds upon your existing skills of HTML.
    No new programming skills are required.

  • No Javascript coding is required.

  • Works with your existing server-side technology stack.

  • Yet the results are nice, fast, rich, dynamic applications.

  • Supports true single-page applications including routing and deep linking.

  • Relies on regular request/response interactions transferring regular HTML code.

  • Has support for Bootstrap 3, 4 and 5.

  • It is extensible.

  • It is well documented.

In fact, Sircl is so easy and powerfull you do not need 3rd party components for data-grids, autocompletes, etc anymore. These are easy to build with Sircl. Without Javascipt.